Fine art by

Jayne Samuelson Wright

Frescos, relief, and faux columns.

(210) 849-5877

Fine Art

Carved relief work, frescos, columns, and murals.

Mysteries of intrigue surround primitive artifacts and ancient art. Looking back through the mist of vanished civilizations using the Fresco technique, I can bring a fragment of ancient history and project the art of the past into the present. Using my artistic license to enhance the imagery of ancient civilizations, I create Frescos that are uniquely original in portraying ancient culture. My collection is an interpretation and modern expression of subjects of the antiquities. My sincere desire is that you will travel with me through my artistic analogues to see and feel the heartbeat and passion of these long lost kingdoms.

My Works

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  • San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • (210) 849-5877